Since its beginnings in 1782, Rifugio Crucolo has been managed by the same family, the Purins. Today, we are the 8th generation that runs the business and we work hard to satisfy our clients as our ancestors did.

At the beginning of the 19th century, Val Campelle was a stretch of meadows and woods crossed by shepherds leaving their villages to reach the Alpine cottages with their flocks and herds. At that time, there were also many woodsmen felling trees and carting them down to the villages. As a halfway point, Rifugio Crucolo became a meeting place for such people to chat, eat, drink and play bocce or cards before getting on their way again.

During the summer milk was collected at the Rifugio Crucolo and butter and cheese were made by the innkeepers. We also bred pigs to produce cured meats. Many delicacies could always be found cooking in the fireplace, ready to be offered to the guests: grilled meat, cured meat, cheese and polenta (a traditional Northern Italian side-dish made with cornflour and water).

During the First World War, Rifugio Crucolo became a military barracks and burnt down. Later on it was rebuilt and enlarged but still maintained its characteristic of being a meeting point where people could spend some time together.