All our recipes reflect peasant culture; in addition to the salamis and the cheeses in our cellar, we have: Canederli (bread dumplings), Strangolapreti (green gnocchi), Soup of porcini mushrooms, Minestrone thick soup with pasta and beans; Chargrilled Chops,sausages, Spare ribs,
Sauerkraut, Cotechino (large boiled pork sausage), Stewed rabbit, Pork leg, Crucolo Cheese fondue.
Polenta is always served with starters and second dishes.

The dishes are served with excellent local wine, placed in the middle of the table to be shared by everyone; we do it this way because this is what families used to do in the past.

To finish up the meal Parampampoli is always served, a digestif made of coffee, wine, grappa and honey created by Giordano Purin in the 1950s.

Give a look to our menu. Download it in PDF format.
Give a look to our wine list. Download it in PDF format.